You Better Werk!

Essentially the purpose of this blog is to eventually allow Google to allow me to advertise. In order to do that, I have to show that people come to my blog. So every person reading this. You have my personal thanks for showing you care!

Each click , draws more attention which will help me popularize the site and make more money. The money goes towards the cost of the website, giving out insight and learnings, video and ads etc etc. It will also help to advertise the Oranje Umbrella Company, a webshop and marketing company I established here in the Netherlands.

Also, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to charity.  Unicef.

I intend to utilize the funds to help communicate my message to the universe, to attempt your dreams, even if you seem to have dashing consequences in your face. And hopefully help some people along the way. In any event, if you click or if you donate money via pay pal. THANK YOU!

This blog is my last attempt at saving my life, love and your life as well. Lets do the work together

-More to come

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