Monst3r Bio

I'm Erik. aka Monst3r

I'm African American, my father is from Ghana, my mother is American.

Thats my mummy kins.

Probably the most important person in my life. She is the reason my nickname is Monster.

I was actually a terrible toddler. And its been my nickname ever since. Monst3r.

I'm tall, I used to be really short, but now I"m really Tall. 6'2 to be exact.

I'm an eternal optimist.  In spite of the fact I was made fun of everyday from the age 9-17.

- for being different, or gay. Teased, Beat up, no girls in high school wanted me, been there done that. I was the out cast.

I was made fun of for being too skinny.

Now I embrace those things about myself, and realized once I embrace who I am, everyone else will too.

 I went to 2 Cool Universities.

Drexel University

and University of Tampa. 

I received my degree in International Management from University of Tampa. Afterwards I worked for T. Rowe Price , trading mutual funds and learning the tools of financial management.

After a bad investment year in 2008 ( market downturn etc) I was laid off for over a year.
I traveled, learned about sales and marketing through various jobs and then a Bartender in Gainesville.

I can play the Viola. Its like a little bigger than a Violin. I used to play that but quit because I found it to be too squakey. I also like to play the piano. I am not a professional player, but I can play quite well by ear.

I love to travel. I love seeing a different side of the globe, every chance I get.

I'm a linguist. I love languages, and can speak about 4 languages fluently. When I say fluent. I mean I can watch Tv, or have a conversation with people without having to think , and just talk normally. I don't have 50,000 words floating in my head( maybe I do but I don't think so) but I love to speak them. French, Spanish, Dutch and English. Feel free to leave comments or posts in any language, and I will respond happily.....

I have a boyfriend. His name is Jorn. Our anniversary date is July 20th.

Thats him and our roommate Anneroos. Loveliest one of the loveliest Dutch Ladies I know. Meow.

These two katten (kats) are Gossip(je) the smaller and Secret the bigger. They do a lot of crazy shit. And quite frankly......I'm convinced they exist in a different dimension. I will show proof through video's and sayings coming forward.

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  1. :-) Just stopped by-- Love your blog and u guys are so cute! :-)


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