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Ok People following the blog. PS What do you think I should call you guys? Lady Gaga already has little monsters so unfortunately I can't do that. Rihanna apparently has a navy somewhere, and God only knows what Britney Spears has. We'll figure it out together.

3 Euro's You can have a photo mailed to you
5 Euro's I can have an actual print or cd with photo/video mailed to your address.

Simply leave your Email address, or Regular mailing address where you would like to have your image sent to

........As said before, all proceeds donated will go to the upkeep of  the website, AND will be donated to a charity at the end of each month. This month the charity of choice is UNICEF (UNICEF).

For businesses. If you would like a small video to be made and posted at the top of the website( In Place of the Intro lol video) 

75 Euro's for me to come to your business and advertise on the Oranje Umbrella Website. Coming soon.

and 45 Euro's to advertise on the Monst3r Blog Website. Over 1,400 hits, in one week, just from advertising on Facebook, and this amount is expected EVERY week.

I am increasing traffic to the website with a street team and upcoming web(winkel) shop!

I intend to assist businesses with spreading their product and services. That is the core of Monst3r Blog and The Oranje Umbrella Co. 


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