Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ode to Scandinavia, and ABBA!!!!- Guest Blog for

Scandinavia has yielded some of the most popular things of our culture. Smoked Fish, well ok, popular around the world not just in Sweden. Sorry, Saab’s, chocolate, Vikings and oh yes of course, Abba. Abba is a band comprised of two married couples, who subsequently split up, while rocking us into the 80’s. They released numerous cassettes but continued their worldwide record setting sales, through releasing compilation cassettes to make them popular in North America. This focused sales plan released a cassette that kept the United States rocking in 1979 and spurned many of the hits that went on to inspire the film Mama Mia.

What can you say about Abba. Their songs feature a lot fo the same successful components. An interesting emotional story, haunting melodies, up beat tempos and disco flair. This combined with their magnificent costumes set the bar high for performance standards.

“Gimme ,Gimme, Gimme,” ( A Man After Midnight) is a prime example of the successful songs produced by Abba. Listed on the “a” side of the cassette release, this song takes the listener on an emotional journey. Lonely single woman seeks romance to save her from “autumn winds blowing outside the window”. Picturesque detail, with Agnetha Fรคltskog (say that three times fast) heart felt vocals gives chills to the soul. Well, at least my soul. We’ve all been there, alone on a Friday night, winds, nothing on tv the whole bit. It could the reason why I love this song so much, but take it for what it is, a classic euro disco club hit.

If you change your mind, I’m the first in line.  That’s the first line to Take a chance on me, and first words on my lips whenever Abba decides to start touring again.  I”ll be first in line for tickets! I digress; this is another classic seventies song with a steady beat, country music guitar cadences, and classic euro disco feel. This song features upbeat lyrics asking for another chance from someone who rejected them earlier. Another emotion many people( I’m so talking about my previously lame dating life again) can definitely emote with. I’ve been known to cut a rug at many bar mitzvahs to this song.
Speaking of Dancing, one song that was credited with giving Abba their first successful US charting single was “Dancing Queen”. Annoying to some, exciting to others, it’s the song that every one around the globe has some knowledge of. I dunno if you ever noticed, but theres a great video circling the internet of them performing for the King and Queen of Sweden. The Queen of Sweden requested Dancing Queen to be played at her wedding. How appropriate. Anyway, they are all dressed up in early 14th century palace wear and were rocking out before the royals.

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