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All you need to know about personal finance

            Creating financial freedom can seem like only a dream. Movie stars and CEO’s of large corporations have an advantage that seemingly can never be accessed. This isn’t true. There are many easy fixes and simple steps everyone can take to create financial freedom. The key to knowing everything about personal finance can be condensed in just one page

What is the big picture?
The big picture is to create a picture. Take stock of everything that is already apart of income is the first step in creating a big picture. Assessing salary amounts, or other extraneous sources of income, combined help gain a stable footing on where to being with ones financial picture. After creating a big picture, with the knowledge of how much money is earned, its then time to figure out how much has to go to important expenses or bills.
What exactly is a bill?
 A bill can be described as many things, however sometimes a fundamental error in human judgment can be the incorrect assessment of what indeed is a bill. Anything that adds to a better quality of life, and must be paid every month can be called a bill. Simply these are housing cost, food expenses and other necessities of maintaining a comfortable life.
When Fun Becomes Costly
Sometimes it’s easy to get in-between in wanting to experience the joys in life and financial responsibilities. These desires can lead to improper assessment of money that needs to be spent now, as opposed to money, which can be spent later. These are the fun things in life, such as bars, clubs or eating out at restaurants that can lead to higher credit card limits and payments. Living frugally is key when engaging in fun activities. Temporary delay of joy will only reap larger financial benefits later in life, leading to bigger and more extravagant activities, because of proper monthly money management. 
What’s the bottom line?
            Once the financial picture is created, and a consumer understands how much money is being earned per month, and how much money is left over after actual bills are paid then the goal is at hand. The aim of personal finance is to make the money left over after expenses are taken care of, or ones disposable income, larger. Using financial instruments such as low interest saving accounts are proper for low risk investors. Taking advantage of gaining more information on stocks and bonds are easy and fun with Internet games and apps. Correctly analyzing high interest stock indexes and margins can easily make the disposable income larger at the end of the month. This means having a larger bottom line to start paying down debt, have fun without putting extra on credit cards, and thus creating financial freedom.

Personal finance can seem overwhelming with all of life’s necessities. However, once a visual list is created using any number of tools available today, creating a carefree and exciting financial life is possible and easily accessible. Acquiring knowledge, creating big picture and focusing on the bottom line can easily liberate everyone who desires a debt free life. 

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