Friday, January 10, 2014

Customer Service and the Netherlands

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Why do Companies with Great Customer Service Succeed?
Source: Why do Companies with Great Customer Service Succeed?

I've had some unfortunate customer service run ins, ever since I moved to the Netherlands last May 2013. I know its a different country, and I shouldn't have the same expectations, however coming from sucha  service minded country, I can't help but want to share the reason for business success will always come down to customer service. the GWB, The BelastingDienst, anyone who tries to speak english on the phone in the netherlands(especially to an american) and wonder why we get so mad when we don't have a good service experience. We aren't crazy, we are just customer serivce oriented maniacs. Please take a look at this info graphic if you own a business in Netherlands, on why GREAT customer service( even when your employees have a comfy year contract, health insurance, and long vacation times, in contrast to american's who are treated like shit, could lose their job any day,and usually function without health insurance and are forced to be nice to keep their jobs) gives you more money as a business, and makes everyones life (especially the business owners) just a bit happier!!!

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