Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas....Important Please Read

I know, you all were reading along then poof, Monst3r Blog just seemingly went silent for 2 months, but I'm still around. What's been going on? A LOT!

Jorn has been flying around the world, checking out more exciting places, and has new trips in store for 2014 ( Oslo, Thailand, Helsinki)

I have been getting about 4-8 tours / month, with more services increasing, and expanding every week. Hopefully will start selling tickets directly, and can have daily tours run, by employees working for me. I know i've only been doing the tour for 4 months, but I'm ready to expand my marketing and writing business, and begin cultivating my music career.

With that being said, 2013 presented many new opportunities and surprises that made my life more than I could ever dream of. However, as Nelson Mandela always said, Once we climb a hill, that there are more hills to climb. Always an obstacle, always a fight, always drama. Our response to it when it arises, decides our future. Everything I'm learning, while chanting twice a day EVERY day, is to keep fighting, stay courageous, especially with those that I love.

I love my boyfriend Jorn very much, and his name appears all over this blog. If you just started to read this blog, and didn't pay attention to the signs. I have a boyfriend, a boyfriend that I intend to stay in a serious relationship for as long as I possibly can. He is the best boyfriend I have had and I learn things from how to be in a relationship everyday. To you "jack" who called my cell phone yesterday on christmas eve, and ignored these things and decided to take a chance at 2am, whether it was a prank, or serious while my boyfriend and his family were in the room, seriously embarrassing me, and almost causing a fight with many people.  I'm not interested.

I posted such information on my Facebook naively for business purposes or friends in America who want to contact me while I'm in Europe, believing someone wouldn't be fucking stupid enough to try to call my phone, late at night, on christmas eve no less and try to "get to know me". On this Christmas Day, I am filled with compassion, and love for everyone. However, anyone who tries to make trouble in my camp, will deal with me personally.

If I needed to say it before, I'll say it now.

Don't fuck with me, or my boyfriend, who is named Jorn, and appears all over my Facebook and my blog.

My contact information is not for cruising, orgies, gay sex party invites, drug requests, homicidal kidnapping maniacs, DL thugs, party boys, Bi people looking for discreet sex, closeted people, old and young gays who love to ruin the relationships of other gays who have finally found a happy relationship ( yea they exist), friends who don't like my relationship, jealous individuals, grinches, aliens, and every asshole inbetween that wants to ruin something precious that I finally found.

Don't call my phone ever again. PERIOD.

and have a Merry Christmas . Happy New Year. And be ready for my next post on Monogamy and Trust.

Lots of Love to Everyone!!!!!


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