Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not Abandoned

Hello Monst3r Bloggers! I hope your still reading along.

To those who already caught up and are waiting for new material its coming I promise, I've been really busy.

I created a walking tour for my company, and its doing well. I'm focusing now on how to get more people to take my tours, but so far started advertising at coffee shops, and created a website.

I'm also doing some freelance work online to earn more cash to stay in the netherlands. So far so good.

Donations are always welcome, if any of the information in this blog touches your heart.

I will ad more self help things, as I learn to help myself.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the IND. They haven't made a decision yet on my file, and to be quite honest, its driving me crazy.

I complained to Jorn, that things like this would NEVER happen in the US. No, the US has a whole different set of problems........

I will wait patiently for the Dutch government to approve me to live here. Theres no other option in my head.

Amsterdam is my home, and I intend to stay until I'm famous, Rich, or dead.

Til then, keep your eyes peeled ( stay tuned)

for Monst3r Blog 2.0


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