Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why America Just Got Punk'd from Obama

Aleppo Syria
Flashback August 29th 2013,

President Obama has concluded that a chemical weapons attack has happened in Syria.

The immediate reaction, is that this is a " red line" that must never be crossed. The international community has a mandate to uphold, to ban the usage of chemical weapons.

Like in all middle school fights, immediately, sides are taken.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has a controversial stance, in the support of the Assad regime.
Iran also has a supporting stance for Syria.
Bashar Al-Assad
The Assad regime is supposedly responsible for the attack, Obama claims.

President Bashar Al-Assad believes its the rebels who have carried out the attack.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State says we don't buy it.

The world was plundered into international debate. Where we descending into another Iraq situation. Obama is cray, he can't do something like this.

In our previous George Bush era, we were a post 9-11 country, trampled with the ill effects of 9/11.

Some of my european friends, don't understand my disgust at the mention of the subject, and why I abhor engaging in my experiences with that day.

Simply because being in the Northeastern part of the United States on September 11th was the most frightened I had ever felt in my life to this day.

We had no idea, how many planes went "rogue" in our skies, and we knew for sure that there was a plane in Pennsylvania, attempting to hit anything it could.

Luckily the brave souls of flight 93, diverted the flight into a field in the middle of Pennsylvania, but we had no idea.

I remember watching people running in the streets, and wondering if my dad, who lives and works near  the world trade center, was still alive?

I digress.

These, I believe represent a small representation of the people of America, weary of war and a tarnished international image.

After failed Bush policies, we are attempting to rebound our image.

Gay marriage is kinda legal, and don't forget weed is cool!(Granted in Colorado, and for medicinal purposes in select states only)

Why would Obama want to bring us back to that pre-historic mindset.

We have evolved ( a little)

We are catching up with the rest of the socialized free world ( at turtle like pace)

Obama saw his approval ratings at the lowest they've ever been in his career.

Even I was starting to have my doubts. However, I believe we may have been duped.

Obama risked it all, and did a sort of peacock attack stance, to show that we won't tolerate such behavior. We're big, we're bad, don't mess with us and our American interest.

Meanwhile, The US, and the rest of the world were screaming, please don't plunge the middle east into a spill-over war fare situation.

He had , in fact,

no intention of striking Syria, he just wanted to increase international pressure enough to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution.

Putin and Obama had many disagreements, the world looked at the United States as another aggressor. The international police.

Vladimir Putin President Obama
Now a resolution has appeared. Syria will place its chemical weapons under international control. The United Nations has accepted an application from Syria, an agreement created and negotiated by Russia to settle the ordeal.

Crisis averted.

Well played Obama. Hopefully this works, and peace can be sought out.

Until then, Lets all send our positive thoughts to the people of Syria, and believe in a liberated people.

What are your thoughts on Obamas actions?

Was it a show? or do you think his finger was really on the "fire" button?


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