Friday, September 6, 2013

The Netherlands

I adore the Netherlands. Everyday that I'm here, I want to give thanks to the Universe, just because people are actually nice.

I forgot somehow to mention, yesterday on my way to the bank and plein 40-45 I was greeted, with a smile, or a simple" hello" by 9 ( I counted) different strangers on the street.

Do you know how that changed my day?


9 Souls, that had no idea who I was, where I was from, and vice versa, took 30 seconds of their life, to look up at me, smile, and say hello while walking by. 9 women, men, children. White, Black, Arab, Muslim, there was no bias seen in their eyes. Just a nice September day, and smile, and a hello.

Thats not normal to me, as an American.

You see in America, I feel as if coccoon-ing, has taken over. People are more concerned about their own lives, and live mostly in social media.

Its easier to tweet, text, facetime, kik, whats app, insta message, whatever someone, then look at a stranger on the street and say, hello.

There was a particular, elderly gentleman and his wife sitting outside on their terrace today, just having some tea. The wife, wearing a simple light blue blouse, and long white skirt,  sitting outside, put her tea down, looked up at me, and waived, then smiled.

My heart, smiled.

When I was passing back, on the way back home, the same couple said hello. This time, the elderly man, wearing his brown suspenders, stripped shirt, and large coke bottle  eyeglasses, was on the phone speaking in a clear and loving tone to someone on the other end.

He put the phone on his shoulder, looked at me, waived and said" hello!"

then continued talking.

I'm not sure if that means anything to you, but for me I was having sad thoughts about how hard it is to run your own business in a new country with no capital.

I was thinking of the stress I put on myself from being too self critical, and trying to make life perfect. Or atleast make it seem that way.

in those 30 seconds, that elderly couple reminded me that we are all human.

Not perfect, but unique.

Living together.

In one place.

Why not just say hello?

It changed the course of my day, and made everything just seem to flow.

Today I walked back to the bank to ask another question, the same elderly old man waived, smiled and said " Het is eingelijk da einde of da zomer!"

Which means, Its finally the end of the summer! (IT was raining at the time)

I said,

" Ja, dat is de einde toch!?"

which means
 YUP, that is the end, right?

"Fijne dag!"  Have a nice day

"fijne dag meneer", you too mister.

After that, the sun came back out to play.

I love the Netherlands, and I'm grateful for everyday  i'm here.

If I can pass any advice along to you reading this right now. Say hello. Just stop, say hello to 1 person near you.

You might make their day change too.

Love and Warmth
View Outside My Window. Photo taken by Filbert the Mac


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