Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thank you

7500 Views in just a couple days. Thank you so much!

People are actually paying attnetion to my words!

Or you think i'm absolutely fcking insane. You would be right in thinking so, but thats ok.

Thats what life is about. I found a great article that dealt with the coming back from Europe blues.

I remember when I would return to  Gainesville Florida, from Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Germany etc etc, it would be a slight life adjustment.

It was a culture shock, readjusting back into my own population.

I hope I never have to experience that again.
Send me your positive energy out there. That I can succeed in making this business profitable enough for me to stay here.

I know I can, I just have to keep bettering myself.

Living my life.

Just walking



Read it!


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