Thursday, September 5, 2013

Plen 40-45'

So today I had the pleasure of figuring out how to use my bank card that I got here in the Netherlands.

I'm a member of ING bank, its a popular bank here, thats located in all of the Albert Heijns( Local Super Market) and at Plein 40-45

Which is kinda like an open and closed air market.......

Where the ING branch is located........
I checked the desk and the automated machine gives you two options on the touch screen.

Vragen en Antwoorden, ( Questions and Answers) or Kas ( I have no flipping clue)

So I selected Vragen en Antwoorden

A nice man called me over, and gave me a free ING bottle of water and explained to me, that I already had my pin. It was given to me on the day I opened my account, in a random envelope.

I had to run back home and look for this evelope. If I don't have it, it would take 4 days to get another pin!

20 minute walk for no reason


I had no fcking clue where the envelope was, and frankly our bedroom looks like Kim Kardashians face after having that baby :P

I had to figure out where these envelopes were....... In the meantime, I took in the scenery at the Plein. There is a huge population of Muslims in my neighborhood. Mostly from Morocco, or Egypt,
these people blend into the culture that is Amsterdam.

I took in some more of the sights and walked back home

Home westward bound

More later.........


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