Monday, September 2, 2013

Lance Bass is Getting Married!! Person of the Day

I love inspiring things like this. Lance Bass asked his beau of 21 months to marry him.

In case you were wondering who Lance Bass was dating, because you've been living under a rock, or too busy watching porn to pay attention to the outside world......Heres something for your eyes

I believe Lance Bass lives in New York City, where of course Gay marriage is legal.
A little fact that some of you didn't know about Erik. I met Lance Bass. Sorta.

There was a club in New York City called Hiro. It was the fiercest most ferocious gay club/party I've ever been too before, and stars upon stars would arrive to hang out and be seen. Which is of course the reason I was there :P. To be honest I'm not even sure how I got there. 

It was my birthday, and I was with Micah, and Brittany. Somehow we got separated, and I wandered upstairs at Hiro alone where there was a bartender, continuously telling me he's related to Russel Crowe. I didn't believe him, but I pretended to so he'd keep buying me free shots. Which he did, it was great. After I had about half a gallon of Jaeger, I stumbled downstairs wasted, with my good eye open.

As i'm dancing, alone( another drunk fun thing Erik likes to do)
Micah and Brittany come from the bathroom and find me on the dance floor. They say, OMG WE JUST SAW LANCE BASS HERE! Its amazing blah blah blah. This is totally unrelated, but I had to go to the bathroom something terrible. The little voices inside my head were screaming, because I was too drunk to notice I had to pee and held it for seemingly 2 hours.

I get to the bathroom, and I pushed some guy that was standing with his back turned to me out of the way and grunted. I hate when people stand in your way. Except this time,  I  heard someone say, "LOOK ITS LANCE BASS"! I still had no idea where he was.
The guy, I literally shoved out of my way, so I can get to the bathroom, was Lance Bass :/. I didn't hear about it, until 5 minutes later, when I was attempting to put a contact lens, that fell out of my eye( and onto the floor)
BACK in my eye. 

A drag queen, who was kind enough to help me, put my contact in also told me she thought it was cool I had the balls to push a celebrity :/

No charges were pressed, and obviously hes living happily ever after.

So thats my story. I pushed Lance Bass out of my way, in a  fabulous gay club in New york. Congrats to you Lance, I hope you have a wonderful time with your hubby. We need more gays who are monogamous,and can have a great long term relationship. I just want to show some people that it IS possible!!!! 

What are your thoughts on marriage? I'm totally sure I want to be a committed partnership with my boyfriend, but I"m not so sure I want to get married in a church.......
Showing of some diamond ring bling



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