Friday, August 23, 2013

Why Guys and Girls Should "Pop A Squat" More often.......How to Poop Better

Yes, how to poop better. Who would have thought that would be a topic in my Dutch, Self Help, Everything blog, but this is an interesting mention that needs to be brought to your attention!

*****Warning, if you are squeamish, don't read ahead, however if your interested on how to avoid having incontinence, appendicitis and other grastic conditions, read ahead*****

For the entirety of human existence, pooping has been done by the squating. There weren't any toilets before the year 1750 that flushed, most toilets were squatting basins or bowls.

Sitting on a toilet, is a western tradition that eventually gained popularity because it ensured fecal matter didn't land on your clothes, and provides maximum privacy. Of course something popularized in the west, is a way to poop that best protects your clothes, not that keeps your body healthy.

This posture is bad for the Ano Rectal (Yea thats a real world) angle, is disproportionate. It doesn't allow for maximum pressure in the colon, to...well....." drop the Cosby kids off at the pool".

The best way, and a traditionally eastern way of pooping is also the healthiest way.

Squatting, or sitting in a position that makes your knees completely bent and thighs tensed,  while pooping tenses the puborectalis muscle, which is literally a sling around your anus. Squatting allows the muscles to do all the work, instead of the usual " grunt " face we all make which can contribute to appendicitis, hemorrhoids and constipation.

Most critics however, state that not only is this sitting posture incorrect, its unhealthy, and doesn't allow for maximum expulsion of....well, poop.

If your like me, I can't imagine any other way to defecate. Its just normal to me, and if I have to squat, I'd rather just wait until I got back to a normal toilet. However now, after this suggestion I may need to figure out how to squat poop. If you can't afford a squat toilet, or your not near Japan, like the one pictured below there is an adjustment you can do.

1. Place a small footstool in front of your toilet throne

2. Proceed to poop

Open your mind. Thats what I had to do when I read this lol.

Sounds strange , but its true, healthy, and make sense. Let me know if you try it!


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  1. I installed disqus comments so everyone can now comment. My first disqus comment. I'm proud that I sit like this now, and make sure the bathroom door stays lock so I can have the privacy to defacate in peace!


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