Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Breeze Salsa Festival, Ivo's birthday party

Ivo, who owns BestatMedia, was kind enough to invite me to his birthday party at the summer breeze salsa festival yesterday. It was a faboo time in V.I.P and I had just enough to drink, to keep it classy, but still be tipsy. 

QR Codes are the future
this is me exiting the elevator
I like V.I.P. sections. Without sounding like a snob here, its just so nice to have your own booth, in a busy place, and be your own bartender. I don't have to wait in line to be noticed by some Clint Eastwood look alike, totally paying attention to the girl with the big tits next to me instead of looking at me and getting my order! Further more, I can just hang out with my friends and talk, which is always fun. 

Here are some pictures that pretty much explains the evening, hope you enjoy 

In the future, I shall be doing more interviews and bar openings, and posting them here.

Heres to a fabulous life!!

Heres to the freaking weekend, drink to that, yea yeaaaaaa

I'll be in Schinveld with my boyfriend at a wedding. I don't expect to be sober until monday!:)


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