Thursday, August 29, 2013

Small Town Hick Town in Kentucky, has a Gay Mayor?

I just found out about this literally 30 minutes ago and felt the need to type about it.

Theres a town in Kentucky, named Vicco. Apparently this town has a population of about 334, as of the last census, and just made news.

An ordinance was passed in this small southern town, that protects the rights of Lesbian , Gays and Transgendered residents of the town.


Simply because the mayor, happens to be gay.

The Colbert Report, reported on this phenomena, tonight, and it made me proud to be an american.

The residents were interviewed, and the majority, of them, as I could tell through the heavy southern draw, support homosexuality.......

One resident reported" How could it be a sin, if God done made him that way"

That was the best " baby he was born this way" i've ever heard come from the lips of a southern gentleman. This man was a mechanic at a shop, possibly over 50, and shared a common belief with the rest of the town residents.

This gay mayor has shaped his town, into acceptance-ville, and ya know what

I salute ya :)

Make a difference. No matter how small you think your voice may be.


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