Friday, August 30, 2013

Sex Ads, Abercrombie, and more. Is it racist? or just over dramatized?

We've been to the stores....

We have choked on the fragrace.....errrmm smelled Fierce.
We see the blatant sexuality

Yes, I must admit, I enjoy the ads as well.

We have all seen the CEO ( and if you haven't thats him, Mike Jeffries)

without mentioning, you know the name of this company. Abercrombie and Fitch. One of the most profitable clothing companies in the world. However, how sexy is too sexy?

I'm always one for pushing boundaries, but int eh world we live in today, is this considered acceptable for say a 12 year old to come across? 

Hear me out.

I believe its possible to create gay advertisements, that do NOT rely on a sexual nature in order to make it popular. 

The sterotypes associated with our sexuality, are glorified by this brand. As a result, the things we perpetuate, Superficial, techno loving, sex maniacs, are accepted in this advertising medium.

Whats the big deal , you may ask. I certainly shop at Abercrombie, and yes, I've worked for the company.

2007, I was a bright eyed, bushy tailed college graduate, with my management degree in Tampa, Florida. A great program was brought to my attention through the sister of a friend. She was an assistant manager at Abercrombie and Fitch, and her store, needed a new manager in training.

I was so flattered. Such a sexy brand and label, known for their unique selection practices, decided I would be good enough.

This felt more like being accepted into a social group, than anything else,b tuI didn't care. I wanted to be apart of Abercrombie.


Personally. Its hot. the clothes are tight, and make me look muscular, and as a recent out of the closet gay, the hot guys that are hand picked to work for the company, would provide definite motivation.

After an seemingly painless interview process with the District Manager in Miami ( I was interested in transferring to the store my friends sister worked at and start a new life in a better city for me) 
I was told that maybe I would fit in better with the Abercrombie closer to Tampa. I didn't understand what that meant, but I allowed them to interview me at the Abercrombie in Citrus Park mall, which is located in Tampa Florida. Ok, i'm being bounced around a bit, and I have no idea why.

Finally, the DM of the stores in Citrus Park, said he thought I would be better placed in Hollister. Hmm
Hollister. I mean , its still a good brand, its technically the same, but somehow inside my head, I felt like it wasn't as good as abercrombie. What made them bounce me around so many stores, when they had obvious openings at the locations I interviewed at.

I was a top candidate. I graduated from a private University, I'm (in my opinion) handsome, well spoken?

Whats missing?

After working at Hollister, as a Manager In Training, I realized what that could be.

Wheres the monkey in the middle? I mean waldo

Minorities have long reported on the inequality represented by the brand, and I unfortunately was able to have a first hand account of this issue.

I was one of the lowest paid employees in a managing position.
I earned only 12.00/hr ( barely $24,000/ year) and worked over 70 hours a week.
I was encouraged to hire "kids" or "models" that only fit a certain look.
Fit, Beautiful, "awesome" people. 
"bro, dude, totally, "

It was a completely different social environment, and I was on the bottom of the totem pole.
I was fired, yes fired, after my second month for misunderstanding a rule given to me in my 30 minutes management phone training session. 
I cried, and felt rejected. I felt overlooked, mistreated everything.
I'm not writing more about the experiences I had there as a result of a privacy agreement I had to sign. However if you want to know more, just email me, I have a password protected entry. I'll give you the password if your interested, just simply email me. I'll be more than glad to share the actual experiences I had, such as " Dude, when are you going to start working out" from a senior manager, 

or ::snaps fingers:: " Fold that stack of shirts the right way bro".......

and my personal favorite

"Don't hire her, she can't even fucking fit our pants dude, hahaha fatty"
Yes. These are words that were uttered by senior management. District Managers, Regional Managers, the top cunts of the company, that inspired me to hire, manage, and  operate with superficial prejudice.

I submit, this is my personal experience with the company. I'm sure they've hired, tons of more black employees in actual ABERCROMBIE stores, and have more african american and hispanic/asian models in their print ads every year.

I mean, they aren't racist. Their CEO ( Who only reportedly hires tall, blonde, caucasian boys as  flight attendants who are required to walk around with their shirts off on board) , isnt a total queen running an empire of house music dancing, fierce smelling, pretty boys with no moral regard for the feelings of those who don't fit the image. Im sure, its all just overdramatized.

Is there anyone that has a better experience? Can you prove me wrong?

I'm interested in your comments! Let me know your thoughts Is abercrombie a racist conglomerate, or am I just blowing smoke? 


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