Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jam of the Day


I'll try to be more consistent with Jam of the Days to give out to you all.

Just to be honest, if I don't get out of bed with a song, I don't post it. I'd feel like I was lying to you all. It didn't really give me energy.

With that being said, today I twerked out of bed today like Miley Cyrus twerking her way to the bank.

Her sales are up 20% on her new single, for twerking it on stage. Interesting.

Thats all I'm going to comment on that hot mess. I haven't seen the VMA's yet, maybe I"ll tell my opinion. Just know, I wasn't pleased!

were u?

Bomboleo Mothefuckers... This song was more then the El Paso Salsa Sauce Commercial in the US

Its LEGENDARY......and so are you.

Life your Life


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