Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Harry Met Sally


So Another candid detail many people have been asking me is how in the world did I end up in Amsterdam.

I've been a bit dodgy with how I met Jorn. I'm sure I glamorize it a bit, but in all honesty. I met Jorn on Grindr.

No, there weren't tulips and wooden shoes , it was grindr messages and location shares haha. I was flying to Amsterdam with my friend Jonathan Alexander. We were on a layover from Paris Charles De-Gaulle and flying via Amsterdam to Atlanta( then Orlando). We spent Christmas/New years 2011 in the French country side, Auxerre and Paris.

it was flipping cold.....

However, this particular day, we were delayed in the airport at Charles De Gaulle. We were stuck because Schipol had closed. ahhhhh. Bad weather in Amsterdam. I heard a woman say" Daar is storm in Amsterdam" my first dutch hearing. Finally we flew on klm to Amsterdam and were stuck in a holding pattern for some minutes. I was freaking out, but a kind dutch woman next to me offered me her glass of wine, when the stewardess denied me. She said. " Welcome to Amsterdam". That was how I was greeted to this place.

This place was magical the first time I arrived. I found the red light district immediately, and yes looked in awe at the coffeshops. As a single boy in Amsterdam, I had Grindr. For those of you reading who don't know what Grindr is well. If you have to ask. You'll never know. :P

Its an app for the iPhone. Simply for meeting and chatting.

I remember a smile and an immediate question popping up on my screen. "What are you doing here".

Yes thats  a star of david. 

Well Hello to you too I thought. "I'm here on a layover thanks, who are you?"


And just like that I met the love of my life. Tho I didn't expect it at first. He lived in Amsterdam, and I lived in (at the time) Gainesville Florida. There was something interesting about him. It kept me interested until we finally met in April 2012, in Orlando Florida. There our online friendship turned into  what it is today. The reason for creating this blog, and company, and love of my life.

After a year of having a long distance relationship, I made the decision( with jorn) to come to Amsterdam and try to make a life for myself.

Although I have my loving family in Philadelphia and Florida, I wanted to begin my own family and life in a place where I knew I fit in.

Amsterdam was that place. The moment I arrived on KLM, I felt a connection with the city. Now after living here for 2 months, and subsequently getting lost at every canal because I have no sense of direction, I arrived at the place I call home.

I created this blog  as a project. I'm now realizing it can be more than that, if someone reading this stuff actually profits from it.

If everyone clicks, and donates, it helps me to stay in the Netherlands. I can continue my love story with Jorn, and maybe even help some African children along the way. I hope this gives you a better view of all i'm trying to accomplish, and that someone benefits, scratch that. I hope everyone benefits.

This is the first picture we ever took. April 2012.


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