Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coffee Talk.....How Black People Actually Can Stop School Shootings and Crime

In the flash of news and negative press some African Americans tend to face in the media, today some positive news emerged. At a primarily black elementary school in Georgia today with over 870 kids a 20 year old gun man named Michael Brandon Hill, carried an ak-47 rifle to start a school shooting.

Antoinette Tuff, the librarian thwarted the gun man. She stopped him, just using her words. She communicated to him, that she had a failed marriage of 33 years, and that things happen in our life, but its ok, we can recover.

In a country, where school shootings and death becomes commonly heard on the news, for once, we hear about the hope of recovery in our country. Gun laws are too relaxed, and thats an article for a completely different day, but I'm curious why a 20 year old was allowed to buy a gun thats primarily used by military agents and or professional law enforcement?

Was he hunting dinosaurs? It makes no sense why its so easy for everyone to get a gun. I digress.

 I thought that was powerful and brave of her, don't you? She saved 800 children, just by talking the gun man down, using her own life story. Everyone has a story, and everyone has the option to keep it to themselves or share it. If you share your story, your struggle and triumphant, who knows what life you could save.

Antoinette Tuff saved over 800, including her own! Shes totally the person of the day today.

And I totally love her hair. ......

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