Monday, August 19, 2013

Coffee Talk....2 simple ways you can start a movement

This morning while I laid in bed, I was reading an article on CNN on " the man". It showed photos of silent protest, that sparked change. So I changed the background of my page today because I found a picture to be quite poignant.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, followed in the footsteps of the civil rights movement, and Rosa Parks, hosted a sit in, however they called it a " bed in". They did it in two very famous locations. One in Montreal,

and another here, in Amsterdam. in 1969, at the Hilton Hotel.

I want to ride over there today on my bike, and just see if I can see the same room. How cool would that be?

Progress will be reported later....

They did this as their own personal way to start a movement for peace, against the war in Vietnam. They used their celebrity status, to become a conversation starter, or a " coffee talk". They just laid in bed, for 7 days at this hotel, and allowed press to take pictures.

How can you start a movement, for change. How can you start a conversation thats important to you( more than Justin Bieber or Snookie as a topic)

1. Be original- Do something different thats never been done before. don't be lazy, and don't be afraid. Just do it. John Lennon and Yoko ono used a bed, i'm using this blog, Anderson Cooper uses his shows on CNN, Nelson Mandela used peaceful protest and words,  what can you use?

2. Have a conviction. Whats important to you, and what do you stand for, if anything. Chances are if you have a certain opinion on a topic, theres always 1 more person, potentially thousands, that can hear you, will agree, and will (hopefully) support you in that change, for the better.


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