Wednesday, August 28, 2013

50 Years since "I have a Dream" Where are we now?

"I have a dream,  one day my four little children, will be judged by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin"

Did you know the I have a dream speech was partly improvised. It wasn't even called" I have a dream".  He wrote a speech, the day before, and started to give it, however while Dr. Martin was speaking, one of the gospel singers sitting behind him said " Go on Dr. King, tell them about your dream"

"I have a dream"

then he continued. Its amazing, you never know when your thoughts, will make history.

He had many dreams that came from the top of his head, and many would argue, that 50 years later, with a black president, a great economy, and civil liberties equal for everyone, his dream was accomplished right?

Incorrect. At least in my opinion.

50 years of history, has given us a lot of evidence, that yes, improvements have been made.

While blacks no longer have to have, sit ins, protests, or silent marches in order to establish our presence, we have new struggles to contend with.

Trayvon Martin, President Obamas legacy, gay rights, the prison population of the United States, are just a portion of the issues that would lead Dr. King to ( as I said in my famous facebook status update) move to the Netherlands, as I did. How could we look Dr. King in the eye and said, everything you wanted, has been achieved.

"The Negro is not free" Dr. King said......

"The Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty, in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity"

I feel today, that there are African Americans in our nation, that have the material prosperity now, however still live on an island of poverty. "Bling-Bling" and other items of social status, have been linked to the black community, for years, through the medium of hip hop and rap music.

While some blacks have the material prosperity, not all are free from poverty. I believe most still lack the mindset of real wealth.

Boys dressed as thugs, are still seen as a violent threat, punishable by extreme force, and protected by the government. George Zimmerman, of course, is living the American dream. Trayvon Martin, unfortunately is not. He was victimized and judged as a result of his color. Then the media ripped apart the content of his character.

Dr. King, I"m sorry to say to you. We still have a distance to go, before your dream is truly realized.

Even with these obvious lapses in equality, I still have a dream. I believe we may not be there yet, however we are on the right track. My hope is that DOMA and other civil issues in the United States will resolve soon, and allow me to live with my boyfriend in the United States. As a domestic couple. With all rights.

Florida, in my dreams, legalizes gay marriage, and allows us on more step in the direction of true freedom and equality.

What do you think? Where are we in respect to Dr. Kings dream?

Let me know your thoughts


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