Monday, July 22, 2013

Visit from beyond......Advice for today

Today its flipping hot. Its 32 degrees Celcius. I dunno about you but switching to the metric system really has given me a different look at life. Anyway its about 89.6 degrees F and I feel like I'm melting. Guess i"m not a Florida boy after all!

Today after some early blogging, and a light lunch me and Jorn headed over to Myrian Arets.
She's a medium, and psychic healer. Now before I continue I should say, I take all things beyond my recognition with a grain of salt. Yes I will tell you all my thoughts on God, but in a later entry.

I can tell you that this experience was personal and amazing. I won't divulge all the details she told me, but I can tell you she was able to connect with someone I rarely talk about.

I had a grandfather. He was my best friend, and past away in 2005. She immediately knew who my grandfather was, and that he wasn't really my grandfather. She knew he was my neighbor. My "grandfather" was Raymond Mays. He was our neighbor when I moved with my parents to our house in Philadelphia, in 1987( gross). I was 3 years old, and every day until the day we moved away 18 years later, he waited outside for me, in every weather, to come home from school on the school bus. Make sure I was ok, and then bring me snacks later in the evening while I waited for my mom to come home from work. Dad wasn't apart of my life, but Raymond was. At first it was Mr.Raymond, when I was younger. However as I got closer to college, he became my grandpa. He is still watching over me.

Its nice to hear words like that, even if you are skeptical. It made me feel like I was on the right track, and that I have someone watching over me. We all need that sometimes. I'm a firm believer in logic, however theres something about the supernatural I can't explain.

I was stunned. I didn't know what to say.

My grandfather before he died, used to tell me that I would amount to something one day. I would go overseas, and perform for kings and queens. Random things, that when your a young kid just think" Oh Grandpa" and " Why does Grandpa smell so funny all the time".

Somehow it all seemed to connect today. If your in the Sittard/Limburg area, in the South of the Netherlands and want some healing for your soul. Give her a shout out. Tell her Monst3r sent you.

::reflecting deeply on my future:::

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