Thursday, July 25, 2013

Verblijfsaantekeningen !!!!~

That long crazy word means we have success!!!!

In one week, I was able to establish a business, start pre-launch marketing activities, raise donations from America for local business support, and help pay the cost of the travel visa!

I have 6 months to wait in the Netherlands for the decision of if I may stay or not. Afterwards when they approve me( I find out in about 3 months) I will be able to stay in the Netherlands, blogging for 2 years! With the increase of the residence permit visa cost, they give

This is how I did it.

first. I fell in love. I couldn't do any of this without my boyfriend! love you babu.

secondly. If you aren't in love, fall in love with Amsterdam. The motivation from my friends, colleagues and canals gave me the drive to pummel through and get my application in on time.
Mom's encouraging words, the medium who connected me to my grandfather, everything fell into place.

Now this is the process.

1. You have to register an address, any address at the Gementee huis, or city hall. For me, I went to the location in Amsterdam, Amstel 1. Make sure you make an appoitment as soon as you arrive, because you have to make an appointment to come back and register you address, it could be a couple days, or a couple weeks. In our situation I had only a couple weeks, and they were booked for a couple months. A kind woman, who was of arab descent, assisted us and found an earlier appointment. Without her, none of this would be possible. Thank you!!!

2. Take application from IND for residence permit( In my case,  I made an appointment on the phone 3 weeks earlier, for today, so I can present my application, which they mail to you, in English before hand), I will tell you I did slightly procrastinate on this issue, but got it done and took it to the IND today. With no trouble , they gave me a stamp and informed me my Dutch Social Security number or BSN number will be mailed to me in a few days.

and just like that i'm a halfway resident!

I can now register the Oranje Umbrella Company, and sell goods, apply for health insurance, open a bank account etc etc.  The requirement of 4500 Euro's still needs to be satisfied, but I can just open a bank account in the next couple weeks ( just with my passport, sticker, and kvk registration) and transfer the money, and deliver a bank statement to the IND. It will take them about 3 months to evaluate my application and give my my two year permit to operate my businesses. So lets hope now I can continue to raise money with the blog.

Its a good feeling. I'll post more thoughts later. Its lekker weer( beautiful weather) right now. I need to take a deep breath out.

I'll be staying here for a while ;)

Thank you to every person who donated, and helped me achieve this feat today. Thank you Thankyou THANK YOU!!!!!

lets do some work.


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