Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Todays events

Yesterday I had a lovely day riding in the city. I will post that soon, but just wanted to update everyone and let them know what I'm doing today. Today (after finally climbing out of bed) I talked about it in previous entries. I was able to snag an meeting or Afsprok with the worker from the City Hall at the Gemeente (City Hall) in Amsterdam.  I'm going to go and register myself as a resident of Amsterdam. Once I do that, then I can do the next steps I listed on my blog to register the Oranje Umbrella Company and Mosnt3r Blog( which is a subsidiary of The Oranje Umbrella Advertising and Marketing Company) and make ourselves an official company. I intend to have a portion of the Paypal donations sent to a fund helping African Children. More details to come. In the mean time

everyone wish me luck.

And to those of you that it matters. Happy Ramadan 2013



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