Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So today, was more then an interesting day to say the least. I think every day in Amsterdam is interesting. It started off as any other day. Just rolled out of bed, blogged and updated my stats. I'm having a fun time learning the in's and out's of blogging, but I gotta be honest. I forget that maybe I have readers now. Maybe someones actually paying attention to me. And that gives more desire to type. I hope this becomes a way for me to communicate with the outside world, millions of people.

Anyway. Today I had the meeting with the Gemeente, or the city hall. Jorn got me up earlier, which I was so proud of, and got us there on time. He has a cute car a Daewoo Matiz. Light blue. We call it a back pack. (Pictures to come). After about a five minute search, we found the medewerker that told us to come back for our meeting at 2:00pm. She filled out  some paperwork and told us I am finally, "Pre" registered with the city of Amsterdam. To get full registration I have to go to the IND and get a stamp. Which is against everything I previously thought, and recoreded in my last entry.

After some puzzling looks on our faces me and Jorn decided to drop by the IND. Its advised if you get there before 2pm, it's empty and about at 30 minute wait. If you go after 3, its a shit show. However there are free drinks in the lobby.

We went when our number was called to a tiny stall with a woman behind and obviously built by Ikea counter. She told us that we have options. Essentially, after paying 1250 Euros, you can pay the application and get the stamp for another 3 month extension. Even if you give an incomplete application you get a 3 month extension. Completely backwards to me, but then you can establish a bank account.

So essentially.  Thats how you do it in the Netherlands. I'm not going to say which other option she gave me, because basically I have to try it and I don't want to post too much sensitive information on the blog if it turns out incorrect, and I end up having to return to the US.

No matter what happens, I will report my findings and my learnings here on the blog with you, random stranger listening to me ramble about life, and try to coax someone to move forward with theirs.

After all, thats what humanity is about isnt it?



  1. ey whats up?
    remeber me? im the white guy you took a picture with in front of escape 8)

    1. Hey buddy yea I do! you were awesome. But I lost our video!!!! You have to download vine and make a new one saying monst3r blog and i'll post it on the website!! Have fun back in Germany!!!! or Atlanta hhaha


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