Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Process of Letting Go....Chemicalization

So, theres something I believed I mentioned in my previous blog called chemicalization.

I decided to talk about this today because I feel( after getting to the other side of my own chemicalization process) I hoped maybe it can encourage someone else who's going through something close to this.

In my upbringing, I was always taught basic moral principles with a christian or jewish perspective. There was always a "when everything is going wrong, just hold on to God" thing that I was always taught and held on to during the stormy moments in my life.

In the most recent years, I have developed my own take on religion, and where it stands in my life, and changed a lot of the former ways I used to think. Listening to audio books, and reading as much on the internet about The law of attraction, as possible really altered the way I see my role in the universe.

After arriving at this new level of thought, there was one thing that still perplexed me. What to do in times of trouble, when the world was being shaken. My mother always told me God will let you know when your going the right direction or not. I always thought that meant, things would be fine, if your going the place God wants you to go.

After a while, I started understanding, that this wasn't so(in my opinion). I started believing, that maybe whatever direction I decided to take in my life, was up to me, and inspired by God, because God simply wants us to live our lives happily. So what do you do, when you choose your destiny, and a shit ton of problems begin to arise.

Does it make you think your going down the wrong path? (If your' like me, thats what I have been taught to feel)
or is it the path that GOD wants you to take?

I did some more internet searching and did a random google. "What do you do when everything feels like its going wrong"

I'll be honest. There was a point, in this quest to live in the Netherlands and start my own business that I thought I was absolutely insane. I've never attempted anything to this level before in my life, and sure there are many people who want to start a life in europe, but ( with the odds against you) how many are actually successful in doing so?

I didn't listen to these thoughts, that used to hold me back and keep me frightened. I dared to do it, and it felt like for a moment there, everything I had chosen to believe or do has been wrong. I came here  with the original notion to find a job, settle and start a new life, and of course, things weren't that simple.

There was turbulence, and almost all 5 of my backup plans had failed in someway. I've made some people angry, disappointed some more people, and almost ended up penniless, broke and single after only three months.


Now here we are, after a "spiritual re birth" and an altered belief system, still holding on to The Netherlands, expanding my own business, and creating a blog and creating an amazing life with my boyfriend. I never thought this was the way I'd be able to stay, however its proving to fit like a glove. I realized through all the turbulence, that I was meant for a different purpose. I really do. The turbulence was chemicalization.

When Things Keep Going Wrong

After doing my best to maintain a positive attitude, exercise, making" i'm so happy and grateful list" eat right etc etc for 3 months, I still had not produced the result I was searching for, a job. I was looking in all the right places, and seemingly doing all the right things, however I was being denied my dream. Or so I thought.

My dream manifested itself in a completely unexpected way. I'm getting my wish, I can (for now) stay in the Netherlands, however now, its up to my work ethic, and my actual belief in my ability to run a business, and how much people actual feel my words help, that determines my success here. Its more suited for my abilities, and creates a different desire in me. Instead of staying and finding a job to slave at everyday, the turbulence forced me to create my own opportunity and grow.

How many people out there are going through this now. You wanted something, your focused on it, and everything is just going wrong. If I can give anyone some encouragement today. Just keep going. Let your world shake around you. It will reassemble itself into something more beautiful you could ever have imagined. Your determination and focus on your dream will re-shape you and prepare you for the very thing your working for. Let life take its course and most likely you will end up in the right place.

My advice to you. Is let go. Stop resisting everything.
 If someone is mad at you, let it go.
If your mad at someone, let it go.
Just remain unaffected, and in control of your emotions.

Just Be.

Then you remove yourself and your negative feelings from the equation, and the universe will natrually carry you to the place you belong.

I can say this confidently, because this sentence, describes the last 8 weeks of my life.

Read the article on chemicalization and please offer your thoughts.


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