Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The English Language......How to communicate better..and my evening

These guys are so cool for this .........

Today I had some thoughts on the English language. Jorn told me today that Spanish was the number one world language. I didn't believe this, I thought( with my American head) that English of course was the number one. In my head, everyone speaks English right?

No. According to wikipedia ( http://www.wikipedia.com) We were both wrong. Mandarin Chinese, is spoken by more than 12% of the entire world population. However, number 2, was Spanish? Jorn was right. Spanish speakers out number English speakers now in the world.

4.85% according to the CIA world book. It made me realize, that I was wrong about something I held to be so common. English!

maybe this is what english sounds like to others. I got so angry watching this video because I was struggling to understand......

try it see if you can understand what the hell is going on? lol

It makes me wonder if we had better communication, how many things that were so misunderstood would be so much easier to understand?

Tony Robbins said in his Personal Power Audio Book, that communication is only effective depending on the response you get. Not your intention. Intention only provides a direction.

You have to give your communication meaning with the intentions you focus and then the result determines wether or not your communcation was effective. If it wasn't, don't do the same thing. Change your approach and try again.

it helps you communicate what you want to yourself, and to those around you.........

Anyway........... Last night was a great evening. I went to Nomad's  on Rosengracht 133 and had cold and warm arabian plates...

It was my good friend Christine's birthday, the same day as my other great freind Isabel Ehrli in the US!

We celebrated and rode on bikes to the Bloemen bar and I met the owners of the bar next door as well. Some exciting things in the works......I hope I learned how to communicate better. I need a vacation!


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