Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thanksgiving. Not the Holiday. Stupid lol ( kidding of course)

Thank you India,
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment

Thank you frailty,
Thank you consequence
Thank you Thank you Silence, yaaa yea. Yeaaaaaa

Had that song on my head. Jorn came back home today. Its our 1st year anniversary. Its actually the first anniversary I've ever had in a relationship. One whole year. Of ups, and downs, but mostly ups. I couldn't think of any other thought today other than " Thanks". Thanks is a powerful thought that we emit to the universe. Its sometimes the one we forget to emit the most, or at least I know I do.

When your thankful, really thankful, your mood changes. The signal your sending to the universe, isn't the thought you offer up when you think of your problems. It certainly isn't the same as when your focusing your feelings on whats lacking in your life. You are telling the universe, you accept the gifts you've been given. It opens you up to receiving more. So take a minute, and just think about what you have. Why your thankful for it, and that maybe just maybe things can go your way.

I learned Murphy's Law in Gainesville. Its really a rephrasing of an already popular phrase "Monro'es Law". This law( Monroe's) states that whatever can go wrong can. I used to think this way as well. Until this year. When I learned it should be Murphy's Law. "What ever can go well, probably will". Simple isn't it. That its a possibility that somehow everything will work out. Thats when you open yourself up to receiving whatever gift, intended or unintended that can be sent to you. Even if you don't feel it, keep believing. I mean really what else are you gonna do with your free time. Complain? :P 


Last night after a fabulous night at Cafe Rogue, Kroon, and The Dylan Hotel, I socialized and advertised my business as much as possible. Advertising with friends is the best way to establish your personal connection with people. Its literally just a conversation starter, that ends with some film, and a donation.
I was so grateful that people immediately decided to donate. That theres still some compassion in the world. 
On the way home. I had a run in with the Chemicalization effect. This effect, is something that happens in your life when your going through a change. I highly you encourage you to google more on it. It changes your perspective and attitude on random events that happens to you in life. For example when your riding your bike home from said fabulous evening and the flat tire on the back of your bicycle suddenly pops and you have to walk 4 km home at 4am alone, in Amsterdam.

True Story.

Such is life. My legs have been getting the work out of a life time and gives me plenty of time to think of more concepts to give in this blog. Its been 3 days without internet, and for some reason I continue to blog. I keep typing into my laptop( filburt) as if theres someone listening to me.

I hope someone is!

Anyway, I intend to go full blast next week, hopefully with some assistance, and see how much ground I can cover in the next weeks. I intend to raise at least 1200 Euros on this site alone, through donations and advertisements. Right now the donations are at about 100 Euros! So thank you to all that are donating. Next week I ill have art, and more things to give in return for your donations (such as the Monst3r videos out and about in Amsterdam, photos, and more!). Please stay tuned for more wonderful updates tomorrow.

I'm in the south, Limburg! And the weather is finally 30 degrees. Ouch hot.

Sending love to everyone in Florida. Heard you all are having thunderstorms.



PS. Does anyone notice my hat? 

Thats the Westerkerk and my new tiara :P

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