Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stumble Upon is my shiznit!!! Heres why!

Let it be known

I absolutely love  My good friend Jonotan in the airforce introduced me to it , and its controlled my life.

I queef!

Anyway...... Please take a look at this for some inspiration. I will post later about last night , but I had a fantastic night.

Stumble Upon Inspirational Link

The internations events are always a wonderful gathering and the people are super friendly. I have no problem telling everyone about Monst3r blog there......

However I needed some inspiration last night, and this website reminded me of how i'm feeling now.

Last night, I fell off my bike, in the middle of leidseplein ( with about 5,000 tourist watching) and I heard people laugh!

But I just got up, some nice dutch girl and her boyfriend literally picked me and my bike up, and I told them about Monst3r Blog.

Theres a reason for everything maybe....

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