Sunday, July 21, 2013

Procrastination.........and Why we should all " Just Walk"

Good morning Monst3r people. See I told you I would continuously think up names for you. I dunno i'll stick to the drawing board.

Have you ever had a day when everything is going wrong? That was the issue I was having Yesterday, even when I was typing to you about money. Its funny I used to think for so long that money was the root of all evil. Then I realized yesterday, that the lack of money is the root of all evil.

Heres why

Yesterday, I had to send some Monst3r products I had for sale on e-bay to the US. In order to do so I had to find where the post office was here in The Netherlands. Well there isn't really a " post office' per se here. I didn't know this, and was completely falling into my favorite activity when I don't feel like forcing my brain to work.


So I procrastinated this week. I even procrastinated a bit on my blog. I decided because the mountain was too high to climb, that I should be ok to just stay at the bottom. Delay delay delay. Well I waited so long to figure out where the post office was, that a finally when I got the kick in the ass thought ( Hey Erik, WAKE UP!) I found out the post office was in albert heijn, literally a 3 minute bike ride from my house. 

Ok So I Go. And find out that to send to America was 24 Euros. A bit pricey, for what I was sending but I knew I wanted to be a good retailer, so I bit the bullet and paid for it.

I procrastinated in contacting my customer and telling him that Il iv in the Netherlands, so the piece I'm sending him, will come in a 2nd separate package. I had my mother ship the package already from America.
After I finally bit the bullet and sent it, I contacted the buyer and let him know his package was on his way. He responded back " All i care about is what you sent from America( the more valuable part of the package i'm sending) , you could have kept what you had in the Netherlands.

24 Euro's wasted because I was procrastinating.

I lost 10 Euro's somehow on my way back from Albert Heijn, And I was just starting to get fed up now.

I went home and started making flyers and advertisements to hand out to people on the streets of Amsterdam about my blog and products I"m starting to develop. Little did I know, I would need to have a printer to print out the material. Forgetting this small fact, I began to procrastinate again, feeling too lazy to search where to go or what to do

Then finally I got the same kick in the ass thought( ERIK WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET UP).

Ok fine get up. Internet search on my phone. Oh wow theres a print shop in my neighborhood. The worst part is two months ago I was already there, but my brain just forgot that it knew this knowledge already.
I walked to the print shop, they closed at 7pm. It was 7:04 


I ended up having to ride to the library or" bibliotheek" near Amsterdam Centraal Station. Did you know that place is open until 10 pm? , 10 cent copies for prints AND you can play piano for free in the lobby( which I totally do every time I'm there).

Absolutely love it. I digress. The point of the story here is , that with all this procrastination, I ended up making my life about 8 times more difficult then it needed to be. 

So my questions for you out there reading this is. What do you think your procrastinating on. Does your procrastination actually make your life 10x more difficult then it could be? Finally, what information do you have in your mind that you already posses, and just forgot about???

A good way to explore your mind, is to take a moment. No drugs, No alcohol. Just meditate. Pay attnetion to where your thoughts go. Literally learn to sit quiet, and observe yourself
 Listen to what your telling yourself.Aer you telling yourself your shortcomings? The things about yourself you don't like?
Are you telling yourself, your too fat, or too skinny. Are you telling yourself you just don't have the energy to do that or this.

Then Guess What. Your doing the exact same thing I'm did yesterday, and only complicating your life.

Change your "Self Speak" or what you say to yourself. If you notice during your quiet moments, that your mind focuses on your insecurities, and your doubts, and your procrastination, then all your doing is complicating your own life, and missing out on the wonders of Life waiting for you.

Don't delay, act now. Get up, Do Something. Something you've been putting off, or procrastinating on. DO IT. JUST GO DO IT!

In another entry I will mention some of the best adduce I received in Amsterdam from my Dutch teach Hannelore. When your at an intersection in Amsterdam, and you don't know where to go, but you have an idea of the direction. 

Just Walk. 

Its that simple. Just stop making excuses, just stop saying anything and just DO IT! These are words I hope my best friend gets inside him as well. As well as all of you my Monst3r readers.

After all the procrastination was said and done. I had a lovely times salsa dancing near in Amsterdam near Westerpark. There was a free Salsa festival and my lovely Dutch teacher Hannelore and I danced around like Celia Cruz on a hot Cuban Day. I met people,and advertised my blog. To those of you I met yesterday, I had a blast! and I hope in the future my blog serves to help you too. 

Videos and Monst3r Blog Shout outs will be posted later today!




Heres video of me biking along Amsterdam had to share the view!

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