Monday, July 22, 2013

Ode to Bjork

One day a couple years ago I was in Orlando Fl. I met someone who introduced me some strange music from a little country called Iceland. At first it was Sigur Ros.....Sigur Ros- Icelandic Music

I was instantly attracted to its foreign sounds and nordic tunage. Glosoli- Awesome Icelandic Song

Take a look at the video. The children run off a cliff. Gotta love Iceland

However after some more internet research, and maybe another bottle of wine. I found out about a little woman named Bjork. For those of you who aren't familiar with me, I am OBSESSED with Bjork. I think shes great.

Her first interview she said " Her name is Bjork, which sounds like jerk". Yea, it was love at first sight.

I have everything from itunes she ever recorded, from her childhood star days in Iceland to her newest album Biophilia.

Whenever I had a bad day, had issues finding love, or needed some encouragement. I would listen to' All is full of love"- which reminds me that Love is all around you, when you least expect it

When I met Jorn, and knew he was my crush forever " Venus as a boy" was my song of the moment.

When I think of ocean life, I imagine myself in the middle of "Oceania" the song she performed at the 2004 Olympics. Oceania Athens 2004 Olympics  

The entire song is composed with Human Voice. I dunno how she does it, but Bjork inspires me. She doesn't pay attnetion to any barriers or norms, but instead to music and the message it needs to deliver.

Even if you don't fancy her music. Give it a shot. Take a breath and listen. It renews my soul if you take a moment to understand her.

I used to block her out to be honest. I knew who she was( just the swan dress and laying egg incident) or when she beat up a reporter!

hahahaha. I digress, shes amazing and I'm happy I took the time to let go and listen.

Who reading right now has been blocking something that could be your freedom. Give her a shot, and then give it a shot with the rest of your life. Let go. Sit in a quiet place. Listen to your heart.

It'll tell you where to go.

Bjork Video Post after the jump........


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