Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Project!!

Ok People following the blog. PS What do you think I should call you guys? Lady Gaga already has little monsters so unfortunately I can't do that. Rihanna apparently has a navy somewhere, and God only knows what Britney Spears has. We'll figure it out together.

In the meantime, I'm sorry we've had an outtage at my house/apartment/office and have no internet. So I can't upload everything, but I should be able to get back up and running by this weekend so no worries.

Today was a boring day, just stayed in bed, blogged my money series part 1 story, and then listened to "The Science of Getting Rich"".  Its by Wallace Wattles. I have really been addicted to audiobooks lately. Its the laziest but quickest way to ingest information. If I had'n't reccommended it before, I reccomend it now.

Anyway, after laying around and not having anything to do all day, my brain starte thinking again. How can I rase more money/awareness/attention for the site. I decided to get the ball rolling. There will be a new page added at the top. It's going to contain video's ( for now probably hosted on a website and uploaded to the page here) from places that I go hang out. I will go around Amsterdam, making videos of people and then post them here. Precious memories forever. For a Donation to the Paypal button, located on the right side of the page~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>..


3 Euro's You can have the photo emailed to you
5 Euro's I can have an actual print or cd with photo/video mailed to your address.

Simply leave your Email address, or Regular mailing address where you would like to have your image sent, and it can be done!.........As said before, all proceeds donated will go to the upkeep of  the website, AND will be donated to a charity at the end of each month. This month the charity of choice is UNICEF (UNICEF).

For businesses. If you would like a small video to be made and posted at the top of the website( where the introduction video is. This post will be placed on the Monst3r Donations website, so you all know, where your Dollars and Euro's are contributing.

Thanks again!

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