Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Money Series Part 2...3 Rules

Ok so,

Weekend Recap.

It was  geweldig or awesome weekend. It was our one year anniversary. After a long and lekker drive to the south we stayed the weekend in Schinveld, at Jorns parents house. Its in the small nipple of Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. Its always fun to just run away here and relax.

These photos were courtesy Google images. 

After a heat wave, ice cream, and a shit ton of Dutch food, I had some more conversation's, interactions and learnings about money.
 To help us all along, I think I developed an idea for an e-book on my money series. I'll give you a preview of it right now. 

There are three things I hammered into my boyfriend about money today that I believe is setting us on the right path for wealth.

Again take these 3 main phrases with a grain of salt and allow my full explanation. Open your mind when you read it, and have no negativity.

1) Money is nothing-

It is a piece of paper. Literally. Paper can not dictate your emotions, only the items you can exchange the paper for. Which are only material things, which in essence fulfill your emotional or superficial needs. Yes money can also provide food and shelter, however (in essence) if you follow the next two steps are these two "necessities" really issues?

They aren't heres why.

2) Stop being Afraid. 

Stop being afraid that if you lost your job you therefor lost your only source of income.
Stop being afraid that without money, you aren't a valuable resource, or a valuable person with a brain.
Stop being afraid that you aren't worth, the amount of money you want to earn or have because of (________INSERT RANDOM REASON HERE________)

3)Stop being Lazy.

Stop being lazy and thinking that the only way to acquire money, a piece of paper is through your job. 
Stop being lazy, and thinking " I can't do that", and stopping your thought process there.
Stop being lazy and DO something to MAKE your own money.

So if you follow the above three rules. Money is nothing, Stop being afraid, Stop being lazy, can you provide yourself with food and shelter if you REALLY needed to.

Could you learn how to grow vegetables, fruit in the dirt? Can you acquire the seeds for free, just from someone throwing away an orange? If your not afraid to try you would just do it. If you weren't lazy you would muster up the strength to provide your own food. Could you make your own shelther. Ok perhaps you say you don't know how. Ok re read the three phrases. If your not afraid, you could try, and learn. You could develop a skill or talent you never knew you had. If your not lazy, you could muster up the strength from within. Based on how much strength you muster, or develop how hard you try to acquire materials. 

So why can't we make your own money? 

Now. I say all of these things to you all out there, because this is what I realized myself today. This is something that I want to start doing, and maybe we can all start doing it together. Lets make an agreement, me and everyone reading this blog. That I will prosper, and become wealthy, and you will too. We will do it together. 

If the above mentioned work, and I or, someone reading this becomes a millionaire, we all profit. The people who have already donated, believe that I'm on the right path, and that makes me feel great. If i'm on the right path, I hope the people reading this blog, can find the right path too!

More to come on where money should come from. Types of incomes. 

Some have jobs, which when I moved to the Netherlands was also my focus. 
Some have companies, web shops, a hot dog stand, a lemonade stand, you name it. Theres ways to make more money. Feel free to comment if you think my rants on money are wrong are right.

Whatever your opinion. I welcome you all to discuss!!!



Heres a motivation picture

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  1. i am so happy you are discussing these issues. these are all things i try to teach my children. it isn't about the material goods, those are just bonuses. i want them to understand to open their minds there is more to life. your BRAIN is and always will be your most valuable asset. i completely agree if you don't know how stop being lazy and figure out how.and that goes for everything in life not just money. i will admit that i have trouble eliminating my emotional dependency on money but i am trying i know it is only a piece of paper and it really is all about retraining yourself. i have a lot to learn and i am learning everyday. it is never to late. again thank you for discussing this i enjoy reading your blog and find it very refreshing. i admire you for following your heart and dreams.


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