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Money is Everything. When Actually Money. Is Nothing Part 1.

Blog website was temporarily down. To all my readers, please accept my deepest apologies.

Here is my promise. Series part 1. Money

Money is nothing

So even though my blog is down, I decided to still post. I don't have to be live and online in order to have this same conversation in my head. The only difference is I have to imagine that theres someone out there listening. So Hi person out there listening. I hope this entry helps you.

In the past couple weeks of living here, a lot of my life in Amsterdam has centered on money. I'm sure everyones life centers on money. You think, " I need money" or, "I wish I thought of that so I can have money ", or " Rich people suck", " I want to buy this", " I can't afford that" etc etc etc. 

What if I told you everytime you think these thoughts in your head, you are actually taking money away from you. The sources that I used for the following part 1 series on money came from the following: Wallace Wattles, and the Science of Getting Rich", Richard Kiyusaki and " Rich Dad Poor Dad" , and of course " The Secret".

My intention is to summarize the things that I learned from these sources and many more into a 5 part series on teaching about money, and heres the first series.

One of the things that helped me learned to manifest money the fastest, was by remembering that money is nothing. Unfortunately as a result of the society we live in, we associate a lot of images with money.

We see rappers on TV with "Bling bling" and we see Billionaires sailing on Yachts around the world. We see Jay-Z with the maybach benz, and we get a feeling. We get a feeling that wow, having money solves all the problems in life, look at all the cool things you can have. Yes while that is true, the motivation of buying these things, attached to your emotions, will ruin you.

Heres why.

Your emotions are not stable. If your emotions are not stable, your money won't be stable. Ever. If you connect money with emotion, neither will ever be stable.
How do rich people, not only become Rich, but also wealthy, and stay that way?

There is a huge difference between people who are Rich and People who are wealthy. Rich people have a shit ton of money. Wealthy people, have a shit ton of resources. Money is a resource( and only a resource), People, Friends, Love, Abundance, Positive thinking and SELF will power/determination. THESE are resources.

Theres a reason I say i'm wealthy, even though I"m not driving a ferrari yet. Its because I have a vast amount of resources. I have self determination, I have my brain and I have friends. I have the love of my boyfriend, and the love of my family, and can utilize all these things to discover how to produce, this piece of paper called money. If I can do it, you can to, and these are the basic steps how.

Its by the disconnection of your emotions with money. Money shouldn't make you happy or sad. It shouldn't make you more important or less important. Really the only reason why money exist is to experience, life and to be able to experience more of it. The actual value of the money itself you are using is Nothing. Pieces of paper. 

When your happy and your rich, you will buy many things, or consume more. This can lead to debt ( ever used your credit card on a great pay day?) When your sad and rich, you will use money to make you happy again. 

When you are happy and wealthy, you have the money to make you happy, but you also have the mental resources to create more wealth, and attract great people around to drive your happines

Now take a moment and let that sink in. Its just a piece of paper. Yes you see the digits in your bank account, yes you have green stuff( and in Europe white pieces of paper with random Queens and Kings on it sometimes) but really, what is the ACTUAL value of all of these things. 0. The reason why is because the value of money is decided on MANY THINGS.

The stock market is one determining factor, company economy and Gross Domestic Product etc etc. If these all seem like big words to you then most likely, money controls your life and emotions. Failing to gain any financial education on your own part, means that money is so big, and complicated that you  don't want to take the time to really understand it.

Once you disassociate the fact that money is nothing, and attaining these pieces of paper, or these numbers in your account is easy( And I mean easier then just going to your job everyday) you release the emotional stress of money.

You realize that you don't have to compete to create money, and that there are billions of dollars of free money out there waiting to be discovered. Just like there are oil fields around the earth that remain untapped, or Gold waiting to be discovered, the ideas of your mind are the same resource.

Use your brain, Believe in yourself, and money will come. The purpose of this entry is to get you to stop thinking you can't, and to stop thinking a job is the only way to create money. You can create. You can do. If i inspire one person to even more richer and more wealthy then I. Then I believe my work on this earth is close to being finish.

So thats the first lesson I want everyone to grasp, in the Money Series i'm doing. First rule about money. Money is nothing.

Wealth is Everything. 

Series 2 will come soon!

xoxo Monst3r

I will leave you with some video of me biking over Amsterdam!



  1. this is very well put but my question is how do you not have an emotional attachment to money when you have others that depend on you to provide everything for them food,shelter, clothing etc. if you are struggling to provide for others it makes you sad but also more determined. regardless of the emotion attached positive or negative there emotion. so just curious as to how to detach yourself in that instance. not trying to put down your positivity but would like to be more positive myself.

  2. Not at all. This blog is welcome for discussion! And thanks for posting Karina <3. Essentially, we all have to deal with struggle in life, whether we have others depending on us or have to provide ourselves, the question becomes where does the motivation to bring us to a better place come from. Then how to we pass this motivation on to those who depend on us to survive.
    Is our motivation coming from deep rooted hatred(jealosuy of seeing other people with material things)? or sadness? Are you trying to compensate for your struggle with the acquisition of money and material things. Then you missed the point of the entry. You don't want to acquire money and you don't want to pass that struggle on to your children, you want to focus on building wealth and your financial education. Once you detach yourself from money and realize its nothing but paper, the struggle you feel should be over. You realize it is not the determining factor of your life. Wealth as i mentioned above is measured in resources, and using your resources to create money. You realize money is nothing. Wealth is everything. Get your mind set out of the struggle to survive, and earn money. Think more about how to live wealthy. Developing your resources or assets so that there is no lack of money. Then pass on the knowledge to those who depend on you. So when they are old enough they already know how to take care of you. My next blog entry i'm going to talk about the developing of financial assets in order to maintain your money supply. So that your money will really mean nothing to you. Because you will always have the resources to produce more money when you run out. Thats how you eliminate the emotional dependence :)

    luv ya xoxo and if you need more clarification or if this second glass of wine made my words a bit blurry message me online I'll always respond! xoxox


    Instead of thinking of yourself as struggling


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