Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Julie and Julia

I know I usually talk a mile a minute but today I took some quiet time to reflect , learn and figure out my next move. If you all have been reading, tomorrow July 25th is my appointment with the IND(Or Dutch Immigration Office). I'm going to make my application for a residence permit and use the rest of my funds.
In the hope that they accept me, I'll be able to stay in the Netherlands and develop my business under whats called an "eenmanzak". The Dutch and American's have a treaty, that relaxes laws for American's to start their own business in The Netherlands. I've commented on it before but essentially tomorrow is my big day. One word of advice. Always make appointments and everything you can as early in advanced as possible. When everyone wants to go away on holiday, the bookings really lock up in July :/ as I slimly found out myself.

 There will be millions more Monst3r video's and more Monst3r Media items coming out. I have a lot of ideas and really enjoying the creative process.

In the past I've tried to run my own business, and failed. I've actually tried to run my own business at least 10 times over the course of my life.

Yes when I was 9 I had a lemonade stand. I wanted a video game, and saved over $100. In 1994, that was pretty rad.

Then in high school, I remember I used to charge classmates to write their papers for them for certain classes. I think I charged $20 a paper. Of course, there was a problem when the teachers started noticing some students "usual language" changed, and pretty much could tell it was plagiarism.

I didn't care. I wanted to earn money for prom.

The last time I attempted it was in 2011 with my personal travel business, but as a result of a negligent and fradulent business partner, I had to close down shop. Now. I'm attempting it again, this time to save my dutch residency, and stay with my partner.

I was watching Julie and Julia today, and I gotta admit. It inspired me a bit. Yes I imagined cooking with Julia Child in the kitchen when I was younger( God I was so gay haha, how did no one notice{{How didn't I notice?! :PP}}) and yes I even made Boeuf Bourginon.

A friend of mine told me I have delusions of grandeur, and perhaps he's right. But just like in high school, I don't care. I will push. I will try. and try. and suck. and give up. and then dust myself off. and try. again. and again.

and again.

Its a blessing/curse. But it'll help one day.



  1. There's nothing wrong with having delusions of grandeur! DREAM BIG!
    I saw you over on expat-blog and thought I'd pop over and say hi... bonjour from France! Best of luck with the immigration office today :)

  2. Bonjour, Merci pour votre response!!!! Best of luck to you and thanks for the well wishes. I love your blog, i'm going to enjoy reading it tonight. Des bisous!!


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