Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jam of the day and Communication

This got me singing this morning when I woke up feeling honestly, a bit crappy.

So after posting yesterday on communication, the issue became all too useful today. My best friend and I had another misunderstanding, she communicated to me frustration, so I communicated back frustration ( just because hey , if you make me frustrated I'll make you frustrated so you know how it feels) yea real mature Erik.

Anyway, as a result of that miscommunication, the problem only grew worse. Right before leaving, she told me, stop bullying her.

Bullying? In my head of course I'm thinking"you started it"

Ahhhh. How many times to we revert back to our 5 year old selves in attempt to save our own ego. Thats totally what I did. It doesn't matter who started it, what matters is what you communicate and the results you get!

I wasn't getting the results I wanted, and I didn't change my approach. I mimicked behaviour. Perfect example, and Im trying to set my own example! I only admit fault here to show, that I'm not preaching, I know the difference between right and wrong( sometimes) and just hope we can all arrive at the same point of healing.

Apparently I need my own blog advice lol...........

i apologized, she apologized( after a while :P) and then we both let it go. Communication is key. Must change approach.

All in all, after listening to this song in the shower today, and singing like i"m on stage next to Kylie, i have life again........ Hope it starts your day.......


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