Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good Morning Everyone

So I took some time last night to spend with Best friend. Things are fine and back to normal, so sorry for not updating the blog. Sometimes we find whats important in life, but its best to let *those who are more important* know that they are.

I took some time away from the blog, told my vp to have a good night and spent time home alone with my bestie.

I read this book called the 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven R. Covey. Its interesting. It talks about having an emotional bank account being stored for people. With each person we care about, really say we love, we have an emotional bank account. To put money or value in this bank account, we have to do something for the other person, that counts as a deposit. The only way to know when you are depositing something, and when you are making a withdrawl depends on each person. You essentially have to get to know the person in order to know when your hurting them, or making a withdrawl, and when your pleasing them, or making a deposit.

Yesterday I decided to make a deposit. I try to study my best friend sometimes, and just see, What in the world is it that makes him happy. I, wanted to make a deposit, I wanted to do something he cares about so he knows: (a) I may not understand you fully, but I"m trying to, I notice and study you and see what you enjoy, and I want to give it to you. Honestly, without asking for anything in return= Deposit.
and (b) That your important to me. I want you in my life. Not need. Want. When you need someone in your life you can have a co-dependent relationship. Thats not a healthy relationship. The only person you need, is yourself( and in the right moments, God if any of you believe) Relationships are meant to be interdependent. Two teams working to help each other towards there goals. I have you in my life because I want you, I really want you, makes the person know, that I have a choice, and everyday, every hour, I CHOOSE to be with you. Thats love. Knowing that you have options, but everyday, the only option you want, is your  best friend, or lover or whatever you want.  I choose him everyday, because hes better than any other option I know( or don't know of). Thats one way the book shows you can actually make your spouse, best friend, or roommate, feel that you want to develop a relationship with them. You are actually trying to know them.

Withdrawl= When you have a miscommunication, and you refuse to say  I'm sorry, hurts the other person. I try to avoid these and just make as many deposits as possible. Remember its different for every person. Take some time to spend with the person you love, and really check do you know what makes them happy. For some of your reading, if you Do, are you doing those things? Or have you forgot. Take  a minute to examine the one you love, and give them something that matters to them. Chances are, it could save your relationship if your having issues. Or your life.



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