Sunday, July 14, 2013

Goede Tijde Slechte Tijde

We are coming on my first official month in Amsterdam.

I guess I've been a bit lazy in posting my every day adventures, however, its been the adventure of my life.

My first day here, was like heaven. It was partially because my boyfriends apartment is completely white, and they made sure it was nice and clean before I arrived, but that is a description of the majority of my time here in Amsterdam.

The first two weeks I was here, I was petrified to leave the house. "What if someone speaks Dutch to me", I kept thinking or even worse what If I get lost. All of these situations happened to me( after attempting to leave the house alone and venturing in the city on the tram) and I survived.

From bike riding around the city with my new friend Hanne Lore, a dutch girl who just quit her job to start her own Tutoring company, to seeing the Great Gatsby with another new friend Christina who is an American Girl working here, i've been making my own mark on Amsterdam or at least attempting to. I have had some small succeses here, making connects and attention ex-pat local social functions has really provided me with a great way of meeting people for fun, and to help me with my goal of attaining a visa.

Next for me to accomplish is music, but that I'm working on slowly. This past weekend, i found the piano bar Soprano's and spoke to the manager. He offered to let me do a couple songs and maybe even be featured there as a local artist, but I chickened out on the day I was supposed to go meet with him.

This feeling of rejection and "not being good enough" has started a theme in my head and its not common for me. I usually take rejection in stride, I mean if anyone ever read my other blog, I talk about the struggles of rejection I face with

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