Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fish out of Water

Its been officially 9 days that i've been in Amsterdam and its been a great experience.

Honestly, its been the most i've ever felt alive.

Amsterdam is a bustling city, and its filled with life. Making it here has been a proud moment fo rme, but equally a hard one. Leaving mummy crying at the airport, is never of course fun, and dealing with a new world is fun, but scary at first.

I've been experiencing anxiety lately, and its really just a reflection of my inner desire to really do well here. Even tho I feel overwhelmed. Dutch is a cool language, extremely difficult lol, but cool. Sometimes I feel like i'll never learn it, and then just like that a phrase will make sense to me. Just takes time to adjust. I would advise anyone when coming to feel assured that the majority of the people here do speak English. Its refreshing when you've had oh, one too many drinks at the fabulous Buddha Bar, near Leidseplein and get lost on the way to Marnixstraat.

This might sound foreign to you, but this is life to some one!, TO me. These places exist, its so funny and thrilling at the same time to me.

After landing at Schipol aiport, my boyfriend picked me up. He had a rose. So sweet, I couldn't beleive I made it. Always

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