Sunday, July 14, 2013

Burst of Inspiration

Ok, so I may have had a very contemplative day today but I've decided to take a 7 day adventure online. I'm going to blog every day this week and give a glimpse of my life during this period. For anyone who hasn't been following along I can give a short update. 

I'm Erik, I'm Gay, Black and Jewish. I was born in Philadelphia, and then moved to florida. After College Graduation, coming out of the closet, and a Mikvah, I landed eventually in Amsterdam the Netherlands after meeting Jorn the love of my life on a random layover. ( I will explain that story in another entry) Now I am attempting to remain in the Netherlands. After applying for jobs, and following a path I ran into a dead end. Always the eternal optismist I decided to focus on bettering myself. 

 Last couple weeks I've been listening to Tony Robbins audio books, The Secret( maybe 5 times), Some Buddha, Some Hindu, Some of the bible, just touching on everything I could to figure out what my next step could be. This is it. Just decided to give it a shot. This blog will show a glimpse with as much, video, pics and information as possible. I learned many things about the following subjects that I intend to cover over the next 7 days.

 1. How to establish residency in the Netherlands. 
2. How I ended up from Philadelphia, to Norway, to France, to florida then the Netherlands 
3. How to establish a business in the Netherlands, and my actual attempts at doing so. 
4. The struggle of balancing a life and achieving a dream of living in Europe with the love of my life.(and maybe becoming wealthy on the way......and famous....ok lol) 

 I hope to organize it more in the up coming days, but I will be open and candid, about my emotions and daily life from the last two months to now, my final three weeks before my tourist visa runs out. If i am not successful in establishing a business, raising enough capital, and buying a residence permit, I will have to leave the Netherlands.....To some of you I know that doesn't seem so bad , but maybe I should spend more time explaining what I pursued and what I intended to leave behind. In Another entry. :)

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