Monday, July 15, 2013

Burst of Inspiration Part Deux

So today, was an interesting day for me. Clataclysmic is the best way I can describe it.

This morning I had a quarrell with my best friend. It was only a miscommunication, but because of mixed signals, I over-reacted today. Sometimes I forget that I'm human, and I let my emotions speak first before really saying what I mean to say. I learned from Tony Robbins that communication is only about 7% words. The rest of it is a mixture of our interpretation of signals, body language, and gestures that the other person are sending. My best friend was sending signals one direction, and I ignored it, I sent signals flying in a different direction and boom argument. Instead of bearing the burden of guilt, and instead of losing someone I value, I'm giving sorry a try. A real, honest I'm sorry. There was a lesson learned. Just saying once and for all. I'm sorry, I was human, and I was wrong. A lesson I think we all need to remember every day.

I'm going to put as much video and stuff for everyone to read to see a day from my eyes. The wonder of Amsterdam, the creation of my company, and the thoughts and things I learn on the way. I hope someone one day reads it, and feels they can create their own world online too, and show it. Everyone has a story or something that needs to be heard, to identify in history that Hey, I was here, notice me, I made a change. Or something.

Anyway .... the events lead to my spirtual rebirth, in the shower. I was dancing and singing "Get Lucky" from Daft Punk, and I made a video with the cool vine App. Just then more ideas started popping in my head to make this blog more interesting. I hope soon people start paying attention, it'll be pretty fun along the way. I love singing in the shower, and blasting a good song. For some reason it just sets the pace of the rest of the day. Right now i'm blasting the entire Daft Punk album "Random Access Memories". If you haven't bought a copy from Itunes yet, your missing out. Its my entire soundtrack to a day walking around Amsterdam.

More things to come.


Monst3rrr aka Erik

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