Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bradley Manning Edward Snowden Wiki Leaks and how I feel about it.......

Today I saw on the news thad Bradley Manning is going to face decades in jail, for delivering documents to wikileaks.

Seriously, the US wonders why Edward Snowden won't come home?

Its a shame, as a fellow American, to seeing citizens being persecuted by our own government. In my opinion, these are true democarats, and true American's. Lifting the curtain on secret activities that can harm the relations we've taken so long to rebuild.

When I saw the wikileaks Wiki Leaks  and the footage posted that shows the atrocities from the U.S Army, I was horrified. If you haven't seen it, just look for yourself. We did indeed kill innocent Iraqi's and innocent people in Afghanistan and Bradley Manning, exposed it.
His conscience couldn't sit right with defending the land of the free and home of the brave, will exposing these innocent civilians to a denial of those very rights?

Julian Assange, I'm grateful for the information you provided on Wikileaks. It changed my view of my country and the sheltered world, in which we live in.

It makes you wonder, when Edward Snowden left the US( around the same time I did oddly enough) , did he know he could never return? Did he know that his country wouldn't support the freedom of his speech, and would instead seek to indict him?

I commend Edward Snowden, and Bradley Manning, for what they did. They didn't scourge our country, they lifted the curtain on our tainted democracy, and showed the US what we need to do, to really become the nation we say we are. We are the land of the free, and home of the brave, and we support free speech around the world. To those who support us or against us, it doesn't matter, we shouldn't be spying on Friends, as Edward Snowden uncovered, or killing innocent people as Mr. Manning displayed.

Just because the United States, is one of the most wonderful, and influential countries in the world, doesn't mean we get a " get out of jail free card" when we fuck up. We messed up, and I believe our message to those we killed and offended should be " I'm sorry, lets work it out".

Instead, John Kerry and Barack Obama, two people I admire greatly, have given less then explanatory responses. John Kerry said" these kinds of activities are very normal"( in reference to spying on EU offices).........

come on guys. we all need to humble ourselves sometimes. What are we trying to communicate to the world. That we are big and tough, and don't have to answer to nobody? even our own citizens???

Freedom of Speech.

Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning did just that. I hope somehow, we can overlook our own ego as AMURICA and start healing broken processes in our system and the world. What do you all think? Am I the only American being unpatrotic in this instance??/


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