Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Interestingly enough in the last weeks since i've been blogging I've had a crazy experience leading up to this time of departure. Said goodbye to some friends, and hello to new ones. In this experience eveyrthing has been positive in making me realize this is the right path to choose.

In March when I left off I spent two more amazing weekends with my boyfriend in Orlando :), and just solidified our relationship. He's the most amazing individual and I'm really lucky to call him my boyfriend. I also did purchase my TEFL Course. I thought learning to Teach English as a Foreign Language would be a breeze, but I was bat shit wrong.

Its not.

I haven't gone over grammar and spelling since about the third grade and I haven't had a desire to revisit. Taking these online courses reminded me of sitting in class at 8 years old trying to comprehend false friends and why "cough" sounds like "Koff". I had a hard time with it when I was young, but eventually got the hang. I have to recreate this feeling and learn for the people I may or may not be teaching, wherever that may be. I have 45 days now to complete this course, and 10 chapters left. After failing one video assignment :(  I was being a bit ambitious before in wanting to finish it before I went to Amsterdam, but working two jobs, being a full time boyfriend and only having one day off made that a bit difficult. I'll work on it in the daytime in Amsterdam so I"m preoccupied with finding a job, and taking in the beautiful Dutch language.

I went to Ginnie Springs on a Rockeys( My piano bar) work vacation and tubed down a river. Walked back half a mile in the rain carrying a tube when we realized it was storming on the river, and survived an amazing bacherlorette weekend with my bestie Ariel who's getting married in June.

Jorn( hubby) already took time off work for us to come back and visit for the wedding, so while yes, I will have my home in Amsterdam, I will be back in Florida literally a month later. Its good, I can tie up loose ends and make sure everything is in order for me to leave the right way.

I've been very busy and really just trying to gear down and prepare for this move. I gave away a boat load of clothes, and even donated some belongings to charity. It was the best feeling in the world to be ready to ship off with a light aura, not boggled down by years of me using my credit card for instant gratification :O!!

We are now in the home stretch, and things feel pressured, but not stressful. I am ready to do dive into this oportunity with my head and heart. I've learned alot in Florida and caught myself tearing up on my last day of work for the Paradigm companies. It was a short time working there,but they felt the impact I made in the office was apositive one, and the staff was sad to see me go( atleast thats what they said lol).

Florida I earned my college degree, mom secured her own life, came out of the closet, made a host of friends, and colleagues I know i'll keep in touch with for years to come. It was definetly a learning experience, and epic time..

This week, i'm planning on staying in Lakeland with mummy for 2 days just to spend time with each other, final doctors appointment, buying a suitcase, and final shifts at Rockeys Piano Bar, my home away from home. More tears and a going away party in Orlando for Cinco De Mayo.

Then my final date of departure( plane tix already purchased) is May 6th, 2013.

Flying my boyfriends airline ArkeFly.
Ready and willing to take the first step into a new life.

Score! :)

Wish me luck, and more updates to come


aka Monst3r

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