Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ok Universe Heres My order!!

Just had a fantastic weeknd with my boyfriend in Orlando. It was beautiful weather again( just been suffering from a cold bout) and enjoyed every minute of it. My boyfriend( Jorn in case you aren't following along) is a flight attendant for ArkeFly. A small Dutch Airline that recently started routes to Orlando. We are very fortunate in that he was able to get three weekend assignments for the month of March in Orlando, so its almost like my long distance relationship isn't so long distance! Except for the small 9 hour , 4,481 mile commute he has to trek to come to me. The Things We Do For LOVE!!!

Anyway after a great weekend of Epcot, friends, fun, and lots of drinking in downtown Orlando( pics to come soon) I decided that its time to buckle down on my approach to living in the netherlands.

My current living situation(roommate) is coming to an end in May, and as a result I've decided its time to actually make and commit to a date of departure. My decided date is April 29th, 2013. Now EEK thats only 7 weeks away.

I can work magic in 7 weeks and as long as I have adequate funds and a plan in motion, I believe I'll be ok.

For anyone reading this that doesn't know, there is a 3 month period that we as American's can spend in Holland without any Visa. Most other foreign national's don't get this advantage so I plan to use this as a first way to enter the country.

My next step is to job search like a mad man. Luckily, the dutch utilize Job placement services in order to find a job. There are many companies, and many specialize in finding a job that requires you to speak English. There are 13 recruitment agencies in Amsterdam alone.

IAMSTERDAM Recuitment Agencies

The only qualification( in order to be in the highly skilled migrant worker category) is the job has to pay the minimum salary which in my case is 38,151 Euros. This seems like a lot at first blush, but after remembering the 30% Tax for the netherlands, I realize i'll only take home about 24-25,000 Euros( which is still amazing). Whatever it takes, for the first 30 days i"m going to hit the ground running searching for a job and trying my absolute best to secure employment. If after 30 days i'm having some trouble or not really getting any responses I feel like its best to increase the amount of time I'm allowed to stay in the Netherlands before its too late. Failure in this case is not an option. I've decided to then try out one of the following options.

With a considerable loan, I'll be able to apply for a self employment visa to stay in the netherlands for a year. I already ran my own business, so a business plan is already in my head. All I would need is to have it translated to Dutch, and apply for various licenses in order to qualify. In the netherlands (especially for americans) its very simple to qualify for this visa.


A good read for anyone interested in trying the same route.

Another option( the one i'm considering most because of its low cost ) is the German Freelance Visa or

Freiberufliche Tätigket.

Say that three times fast. I am thinking( anyway ) of getting my TEFL certification, so that whilst waiting for a job in Amsterdam, I can teach english and make money doing so. There are many language schools in amsterdam, and they do not follow the same requirement for minimum salary. There is no minimum salary I can make, which makes it easier for me. The reason i'd do it in Germany, is because the fees are cheaper, and once there, I am allowed to take other free lancing assigments in the Schengen Countries, this includes Amsterdam. That will give me one year to try to get a language Job, a regular job, or just wait until november to apply for a residence permit.

For more information on the German Freelance Visa




So many options!!

Options I realize are a good thing to have when living in a foreign country. To be quite honest, this all seems daunting to me at times, just for the simple fact that for a wonderful socially forward country, The netherlands have tough requirements for living there. However (especially after this past weekend), the only thing I'm focused on is building a new life, for me and my boyfriend. No matter what the cost, risks, tasks, or fears associated with such a decision, I am pushing forward.

I mean, All you need is love. Right?

:) Kusjes

Erik aka Monst3rrr. z

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