Monday, March 4, 2013


This is my official first blog post. I've been thinking of writing this blog for a while now, but I'm finally starting to commit. I am Erik, and the handsome man in the photo of my profile is Jorn. Jorn is the love of my life and is my boyfriend of a year ( officially 6 months, but we have been romantically chatting for a year, very bridget jones of me I know). who happens to live in Amsterdam. We met when i was on a layover in Amsterdam and continued chatting on whats app. Hes a flight attendant and has seen every corner of this earth.

After some time and much thought, our relationship became more and more serious. It became evident that a choice had to be made. So we chose to give love our energy.

Its time to move in together.

After a second visit to Amsterdam to see my boyfriend around my birthday/christmas, I was convinced this was the city for me.

Beautiful canals, and friendly people who openly greet me and my boyfriends blossoming relationship.

its not always roses, and there are some pains, some dead ends and struggles, but the point of this blog is to chronicle my journey, inspire others to love and explore, and last but certainly not least, follow your dreams and aim for success.

I'm currently sitting in my living room watching Archer, in Gainesville Florida. The Following posts will show  how far I've come along in my quest for a visa, research of marriage laws and immigration rules, and last but not least relationship tips. I feel its best I chronicle what I learn along the way.

For example.

There is a program called Grindr ,that unfortunately(and luckily) exists. You see I met Jorn on GrindR in schipol airport, January 2012. There were bad storms in Amsterdam when I was flying in from Paris( I spent christmas with a friend and his parents), and was forced to have an extended stay in the Netherlands. His face popped up on my screen with a hello, and the rest is a lovely history. However, life without grindr(fast forward after a year of intense dating, talking, and loving) has been different, and refreshing. It makes me wonder what my obsession was in the first place with such an app. Although its great that it led me to my boyfriend, it also almost ultimately led to our demise.

I used to live in Orlando Florida, and used to enjoy my fair share of hanging out with cute boys. I used Grindr often, but not just in a lustful sense, for many things. Find parties, meet friends, and of course, get free tickets to Disney World, the gayest employed twinkfest on the east coast. I enjoyed my time with the Disney Boys but old habits died hard. This past week(february 25th) my boyfriend (jorn) came to visit me in Orlando Florida. I wanted to take him to disney world and in a 1, 2 reflex I downloaded Grindr on my phone. After a day of unsuccesful attemps, and ignoring mostly messages from daddies gross, A friend of my mothers sent a response to my email, asking for disney tickets. I didn't need to use Grindr after all. After reading this message the screen flashed in front of my boyfriends face and bam. He sees the ill fated emblem of Grindr on my screen.

Fast forward, after 3 hours of me pleading and crying and begging for forgiveness, he beleived me. I didn't cheat, or have sex chat or try to hook up with anyone. My innocent action to try to find disney tickets blew up in my face.  My boyfriend said if we had talked about this first, he might not have been so upset. I should have been honest.

Relationship rule #1

Always be honest with your soul mate. It'll save your relationship. And keep you guilty free at night.

Love is complex that is for sure, but I believe in a future with a light at the end of the tunnel. Amsterdam is in the distance, and I'm coming for it!



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